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Creating Workspaces

A workspace represents a collection of proto files which can be resolved within a single "namespace" using the proto files packages and imports. For users of the free app, Protocall currently supports two methods for creating a workspace.

Github Import

You can import from Github repositories that fit one of these criteria:

  • You are the owner
  • You are a collaborator
  • You have access through an organization membership

To import a Github repository, click the Github icon. If you created your Protocall account via email registration, you will be asked to delegate OAuth permissions to Protocall by Github. We ask for the repo and user scopes, as these are the minimum required in order to import files and track future changes automatically.

After permissions are granted, you will be redirected back to Protocall and shown a list of repositories that can be imported. Select a repository and click "Import" - the process shouldn't take longer than a few seconds, unless you have a very large number of proto files in the repository.

Once the import is complete, a workspace will automatically be created for you, populated by the schemas imported from the repository. The name should match the repository, with the structure ${repo_owner}/${repo_name}. Now you're good to go!

Local Workspace

You can also create a workspace manually if you intend to import proto files manually. Simply press the + button and give the workspace a name. Once this is done, you can import your proto files to it.